My New Mediterranean Cookbook: Eat Better, Live Longer by Following the Mediterranean Diet




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Here is the cookbook that will satisfy the most demanding of palates, bring fun into the kitchen and add pleasure and possibly years to your life. The world has long known that the people of the Mediterranean generally live longer and healthier than the rest of the Western world, a fact often ascribed to their eating habits. In her new book, Jeanette Seaver, a gourmet chef who was born and raised in France, offers almost 200 mouth-watering recipes using delicious traditional Mediterranean-diet ingredients: fresh fruits and vegetables, legumes, nuts, cereals, olive oil, and fish, with judicious amounts of red meat and poultry. With over 50 first courses, including 15 original soups, 65 main courses–seafood, meat, and meatless–a wide selection of delectable vegetables and salads, and some 50 fabulous deserts, this richly varied volume is bound to please the novice as well as the most meticulous home chef. Try such dishes as: Smoked eggplant caviar Gratin of cod and spinach Broiled marinated duck breast with grilled peaches Stuffed zucchini flowers with red-pepper coulis Moussaka of artichokes and veal Lemon macaroon torte Italian pear tart With ingredients pulled from all corners of the Mediterranean, the recipes may first appear exotic, but they are fast and easy to prepare. The author offers careful step-by-step recipes that ensure the dishes’ success.


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